Fluto is a colossal electronic wind instrument. With Fluto, you can conduct a visual symphony with friends by blowing into your phone.

Fluto was created Fall 2018 by Rebecca Skurnik, Yu-Hao Ko, Meicheng Jia, and Caleb Ferguson for our interactive Pop-Up Windows Display class at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) a Master’s Program at NYU (Professor Gabe Barcia-Colombo).

Our idea was to create an interactive installation piece that would engage people of all different nationalities and ages and prompt them to enjoy the experience together with others.

Fluto has also been selected to be shown at American Design Club 2019 Sound & Vision Show in Times Square NYC and ISEA 2019 Electronic Art Symposium in Gwagji, Korea.

Making FLUTO

The video link below documents our Fluto journey beginning from the ideation stage.

How it Works

See our github repo to view our source code.

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